The all-in-one Enterprise ready Omnichannel Conversational AI Solutions that allows you to build world class customers experiences without code.


What makes Digitall different?

Digitall offers a world class AI Platform that is unmatched in today’s market! Our multiple technologies offer quick and effective AI solutions for many business challenges. Our AI platform is enterprise-ready, user-friendly and our time-to-value is unrivalled – providing a tangible ROI.

The experienced team at Digitall have a diverse range of skills and expertise which is reflected in our products and company ethos. We focus on being at the cutting edge of technology so that our customers and partners are able to reap the benefits.

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Multitude of Solutions!


Our AI Platform

We believe in user experience, and we care about yours as much as we care for your customers. That’s why we crafted a friendly and accessible studio for all your digital engagement needs. Our AI platform gives you the most advanced building tools in a graphic user interface. It frees you from coding, decision trees and other distractions - letting you focus on creating the absolute best experience for your customers.



Analytics is a platform add-on that allows the bot owner in-depth understanding and tracking of how the bot is used by its users. Using analytics, you can track KPIs and trends over time to discover the bots strengths and weaknesses, so you can focus on improving the bot flow to provide a better user experience and allow the bot to complete its purpose with its users. In addition, using analytics you can extract information that is important for improving your business such as: what are the areas and actions that interest the users more or areas that need to be strengthened to provide better customer service and satisfaction. From peeking into actual complete transcripts to important trends and in-depth NLP analysis of the conversation, analytics is a must for real production bots.



Our native omnichannel live agent chat system was built with your agent’s productivity and comfort in mind. Give your customers a seamless transfer from a bot to a live agent, and give your agents an innovative chat solution with advanced tools that will allow them to have multiple chats at once, while giving full attention to each customer.



Using a user friendly drag & drop form builder you can easily create an interactive fillable PDF for your customers. This eliminates the time-consuming and wasteful steps of printing the file, using a pen to fill out and sign the form, then scanning and re-uploading the file for return sending.


Optical Character Recognition

Have you ever thought: “Wouldn’t it be great if I could convert a printed news article or agreement into editable, digital text?”. Re-typing it wastes hours and allows for an array of typos. What if you could use a scanner or camera to snap a shot of the printed text, run it through our Optical Character Recognition software, and ‘hey presto’, you have live, digital, editable text within minutes?


Data BI

Data BI is a platform add-on that enables your employees and customers to perform powerful queries on data, using natural language. With a few simple configuration steps, your chat bot can be connected to a data source such as Power BI, Micro Strategy or Tabelu or alternatively import data from an Excel sheet. In combination with our built in cutting edge NLP technologies, your data comes to life through intuitive natural language queries. Targeted queries, comparisons, as well as charts are all available at the tip of your fingers with no additional configuration or setup.


Digi - NLP Brain

Digi comes built in with small talk support. With over 100 built in intents just to handle a basic conversation, Digi can handle anything from questions about her, to mood questions, to the weather. The responses can be customized if you wish to give Digi a different character. Using our Q&A and Data BI as well as custom NLP intents the conversational capabilities of Digi can be enhanced to respond to “real” questions and requests while retaining the underlying small talk capabilities.


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