Perform powerful
queries on data with

Data BI

Data BI is a platform add-on that enables your employees and customers to perform powerful queries on data, using natural language. With a few simple configuration steps, your chat bot can be connected to a data source such as Power BI, Micro Strategy or Tabelu or alternatively import data from an Excel sheet. In combination with our built in cutting edge NLP technologies, your data comes to life through intuitive natural language queries. Targeted queries, comparisons, as well as charts are all available at the tip of your fingers with no additional configuration or setup.

All you need to do is input your questions and add their correlating answers and our AI will do the rest. It’s really quick and easy.

We Support

Natural Language Queries

Our NLP BI queries supports not only basic queries such as total, average, min, max, top N and bottom N counts but also comparisons and various types of chart generations. Query filters by specific data values, greater/smaller than x, as well as extensive date expressions are also supported. Date filters can be created from the day of the week, weeks ago, months ago, annual quarters or years, as well specific dates.